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Maui Snorkel Rental & Beach Gear Rentals

All Snorkel Sets 2 for 1 with weekly rental (All Islands)

One of the least expensive ways to have fun in Maui is to rent some snorkel gear and go get wet! Almost anywhere you go on Maui, there is great snorkeling within minutes of where you are. The best part is, that almost anyone of any age can enjoy snorkeling on Maui. In order to make the most of your time snorkeling in Maui, it is important to find the snorkel gear that is best for you. Boss Frog's provides three levels of snorkel gear, ranging from a panoramic snorkel set to our premium EZ Breath dry snorkel. If you are not sure what is best, have no fear, below we will give detailed descriptions of each snorkel set and who they work best for.

All Snorkel Set Rentals Also Include: Fins, carry bag, island/snorkel map, and no fog solution

  • Panoramic Snorkel Gear

    The Panoramic set is a top quality snorkel set for a great Maui snorkel experience. At the unbelievably low price, this is the best bargain on Maui! The Panoramic set consists of an oval black rubber panoramic mask fitted with a standard J-tube snorkel. The j-tube snorkel is exactly what it sounds like. It is a wide bore plastic tube shaped like a j with a fitted mouthpiece on the end.

    $1.50/Day - $9/Week (For 2 Sets)
  • Comfort Set

    The Boss Frog comfort snorkel set comes with everything you would get with the Panoramic set, but the mask is made with silicone. We carry a wide variety of silicone masks for all different facial shapes and sizes. We even have some that work for some people with mustaches (mustaches make it hard for the mask to properly seal). Silicone is a much more pliable material than the rubber that our Panoramic masks are made with, and make it much easier to get a perfect fit and seal so you don't take in any extra water in your mask. Our snorkel experts will help you get fitted with the best fit for you. The comfort set is recommended for intermediate to advanced snorkelers.

    $7/Day - $42/Week (For 2 Sets)
  • EZ Breath Snorkel Gear

    If you are a first time snorkeler or if this is your twentieth time snorkeling on Maui, the EZ breath set is the set for you. Watch the video to see the difference between the EZ Breath and standard snorkel as water travels out of the valve instead of into your mouth. Featuring the same great fitted silicone snorkeling mask, the EZ breath is the best snorkeling gear you can buy. The difference from the comfort set is all in the snorkel. We use the Aqua Lung Impulse dry snorkel invented by Jacques Cousteau. This great snorkel features a bottom purge valve as well as a one way vented valve at the top. What this means is no more mouthfuls of water while you are snorkeling. The valve at the top will redirect the water down the sides of the tube, away from your mouth, should a wave come over the top of your snorkel. For a beginning snorkel experience, not having to worry about taking on extra water and possibly choking while snorkeling can add quite a bit of confidence. For those of you who like to dive deep and search for the creatures on the bottom of the ocean, this snorkel is great for you too! When you come back to the surface with this snorkel, instead of having to force all the water in the snorkel back through the top, the impulse II snorkel allows you to blow some of it out through the bottom purge. The reservoir at the bottom of the snorkel makes sure you don't find a surprise gulp of water after you clear the snorkel. This kit is absolutely the best for your Maui snorkel experience, it includes all the goodies as the Panoramic set with a top of the line mask and a semi-dry snorkel! Don't forget to ask about the free Molokini or Coral Gardens snorkel trip with weekly rental either.

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    $9/Day - $63/Week (For 2 Sets)
  • Optical Snorkel Set

    Prescription masks for the mildly my optic to basic blindness.

    $10/Day - $70/Week (For 2 Sets)
  • Beach Rentals

    We also carry a great selection of beach rentals including: Coolers, beach chairs, float belts, and more... Check it out!

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